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Showgirl Logo + Branding Image

Hi jfisk I have created a design to suit your requirements. I have designed a tail to suit the style of font to ensure a visual connection between elements. This has also been altered on the horse, as an important request in your design was to have a fitting tail with the brand image and logo design. The website has also been modified in a font and weight to suit your logo. As you require various printing methods, the document is created with specific colours to suit printing requirements, however colours can be altered to suit your taste. The colours are used harmoniously between the logo and branding image to ensure the visual connection between elements is kept. It can also be scaled at any size as it is a full vector design. The branding image illustration has been slightly modified to fit in. I have modernised it but kept the style and feel you were after. If you require any changes, please feel free to contact. Regards, Sabrina

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