Genel Açıklama Panosu

  • AdamLancer
    • 5 yıl önce

    I didn't want to wait till the end of the contest to submit my entries to overcome those who copy ideas and paste it again with tiny modification so please if you are seeking any modification or any edits let me know and i will do it. thank you for your understanding.

    Logo #12 consist of main centric symbols of 5 check marks looks like happy persons raising their hands up resembling the Awesomeness and the great atmosphere that is waiting for ur employee when he/she uploads his CV. or looking for any company recruiting through your site.The Font that I have used is reflecting the flexibility, and the logo works great either in monochromatic or multiple colors version. so no issue in B&W printings if needed. and also it fits in vertical or Horizontal alignment.

    • 5 yıl önce