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ShelterBuzz Rhino

In my opinion, trying to crowd more than a few animals into a logo design just isn't really feasible. The direction I would like to go on this is: Having inter-changeable animals in the "trademark" costume, all with the same text, and all done in a style that is distinctive enough not to be confused with other styles. For example... Here is a Rhino. I could just as easily do several different illustrations of various other animals all in the same style. One month you could print out the rhino on whatever, and the next you could have a cat, or a giraffe, or a dog... These images could be used to make really cool T-shirts, Stickers, etc... Please note, this is a "rough" draft. The final would "ideally" be delivered to you as an Adobe Illustrator (vector) file, which could then be utilized as a tiny logo for stationary or business cards... as well as on a 100 foot sign... All from the same file. All just as clean and crisp. Hope you like it. Raymond Sands

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