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Revised Home Page

I am still working on the concept of the other pages/features, they should be done in 2 days max .

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  • tricewd
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 8 yıl önce

    We've given this entry 3 stars, although we're going to give you some feedback to make it a 5-star design.
    This design concept is very intriguing. It's impressing me and some other partners assigned to picking a winner.
    Please follow this feedback as much as you can:

    The header needs to be cleaned up a little to look more professional.
    There won't be any social media links.
    I'm not sure whether this will be a coder's nightmare or not. We really like the design, but the website will have to load to different pages or be SEO readable.
    Please stay away from using anything that we may have on our old site. We're looking towards a new design and even a new logo.

    • 8 yıl önce
    1. AdamZF
      • 8 yıl önce

      and yes, I will give you my concept for loading of different pages in a day or so.

      • 8 yıl önce
    2. tricewd
      Yarışma Sahibi
      • 8 yıl önce

      We will be doing the coding ourselves, although keep in mind that the "wheel" you're using will have to lead to and load another page.

      • 8 yıl önce