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Hi, I am working on your website design and front-end development and will submit a live demo soon !

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  • weinschorle
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    • 5 ay önce

    To be fair:
    Best initial entry so far!

    A few remarks:
    In my original idea I also had the three menu items at the left.
    But maybe I have not enough horizontal space for the table by doing so... but maybe I am wrong.

    There might come a third 'Action'. So be careful with the horizontal space. :-)

    'Reachable' has only two values: intern or worldwide
    Maybe it is better to use a smaller icon for it?

    The same for 'Status'. It has only a few values, so maybe it is possible to show an icon for that instead of using longish names?

    BUT: That's only improvements. Nice design! You are the first one who got the idea! Go on!

    • 5 ay önce