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A preliminary model.

As promised, here is my submission for your project. This is a first pass model with rough painted textures, nothing but the diffusal map and just a basic fur modifier, made only to gauge your preferences. And if you will please oblige me and answer a few questions regarding the brief, I can tinker this model to your exact specifications and satisfaction. Body:I went with a plump hug-able, cuddly model. What do you think bout the overall shape? Face:Is it good? Eyes:Is it what you want? If yes, then while animating, would you want me to rig the iris as a standalone object? Fur:since your cute kitty looks so plush and fluffy, I was debating whether to put in thick extruded tendrils or give her multiple manes. I went with the latter, but what do you want it to look like? Tail:Do you want it in anyway different from the body? In this render I kept it unmodded, to provide you a comparison region between a furry and plain area. I will be looking forward to your feedback! Thank you.

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