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I have uploaded images to discriminate user.You can easily understand who is VIP user and who is normal user.If you wanted to add any one in between then also you can add.Also if any other help/clarification required let me know.Thanks we will be in touch..

                                                                                                            %contest_contestName_sub_1% için %entry_number_sub_2% numaralı Yarışma Girdisi

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  • gops605
    • 6 yıl önce

    Thanks for liking my entry.I think nobody thougt differently and a funny way.I have one more suggestion with my enentry.You can award this status at different stage I.e. While joining let people choose their image after you can award this avtar I.I.e.normal or executive /VIP to have more fun.

    • 6 yıl önce