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Hi, I did a short preview of what I imagined would look professional for online promotion of your product.The video quality of the interview is not the best , but that will not show on the web site previews. If you choose me, I will make sure to smooth out the audio since I have experience in video editing. Also, I hold the license for the song used (which I can provide for you), and therefore it can be used for commercial purposes. :) Here is the link for better preview:

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  • funnelqueenbee
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    • 2 ay önce

    Thank you Karmen. A step up from the rest when it comes to professional look and feel. Good transitions and use of the images. It's customer focused. You followed instructions ie 3 minutes. I would like an edit out of the iPad name caption and instead include a modern, professional looking one for "Melissa - Tua Customer since 2005" at the start. Realise this is your sample.

    • 2 ay önce
    1. KafaT
      • 2 ay önce

      Here is the link to the further edited version:

      • 2 ay önce