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Farmhouse Events Venue (3 Pages Total)

Hi. I hope all is well. I found out about your project quite late but I did my best in studying your requirements for the project. I hope the drawings reflect the design intent I have in mind. The site is segregated into areas by function. The event areas are designed to function either individually for multiple events or as one, for single grand events. The event areas are situated on the northeast portion of the property which I think is the area best suited for it. The parking areas are broken down into sections, to not create a massive concrete footprint. It is also advantageous in a way, as some parking slots / sections can be closed off as needed for ease of security and control. Drop-off curbs are also provided, as well as parking for large vehicles. The roads can accommodate two-way traffic, to allow proper maneuvering of the vehicles, as well as to make the area sectioning work. If chosen, I will send the CAD files for your use. Thank you very much. Best, Francis

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  • fdcoutsourcing
    • 1 ay önce

    Hi, Tania. Good evening. Thank you very much for the consideration. :) I will get the CAD files ready and upload them in a bit. Thanks again and have a good night!

    • 1 ay önce
  • tania66
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 1 ay önce

    Hi Francis! Thank you for your entry! I love the design and options to have multiple events in one space. You are the winner of the contest! If you could provide the CAD designs by Friday that would be great!

    • 1 ay önce