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Genetics and Genomics Ph.D. Programs

Please see the Google spreadsheet at this link for complete information, including links to information from the Ph.D. programs. The screenshot is _not_ the complete entry. Go to the Google Sheet so you can click and view the entire entries, plus visit the links to the programs and application processes. I found three programs in Canada that might interest you. Also, I found three in Germany, one in Japan, two in the UK, and thirteen in the United States. The programs are all offered in English and almost all offer at least assistantship support. Many have stipends. Germany has no tuition and very low fees. Programs offering excellent opportunities are marked in blue. Definitely apply to Stony Brook! I hope that this information can lead you to a Ph.D. program that both offers financial support and accepts applications on or later than January 15th of 2021. Good Luck!!

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