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Names for Bistro.

Lunar Lounge- Captures the woody, dark and alluring ambience of a bistro(.com available) Mélange, lounge & bistro- mélange is french for medley, and what better way to describe the enticing complexities of a bar than medley.(.com available) Martini suite- captures the sophistication and elegance of the drinks & decor in a bar.(.com available) Alfresco bistro- an all time favourite Italian word, meaning fresh, Alfresco Bistro has a crisp tang to its name. (.io & .net available) Bodega Allora- Bodega is Spanish for a wine shop, allora is italian for c'mon, and together they give sense of a rustic and chill ambience(.com available) Lounge Lucciola- Lucciola is italian for firefly, yellow dim lights, the rustic ambience and the warm elegance of a bistro, is a perfect analogy for fireflies.(.com available)

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