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Alternate Plan Layout for Option 1

Hi. I hope all is well. Both designs 1 and 2 look good and have the typical, efficient flow of standard Australian house plans. For design 2, the only thing I would have modified is to switch the locations of Bedroom 2 and the Rumpus, to create a more open plan with the Lounge. I did not have the time to make my modifications for Option 2. I did an alternative version of Option 1, in an attempt to make it more modern, more open-plan, and less conventional. I have arranged the placement of the bedrooms to be on a semi-private section of the house for noise isolation and privacy purposes. Also, I have tried to introduce simple elements which can help achieve a wow factor. The layouts are very good as they are. I personally think the CAD blocks kind of limit the presentation of the plans and it does not correctly interpret the design I am trying to achieve. And so I have introduced new blocks and edited some as needed. Thank you very much for your consideration. Best, Francis

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