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Hello Erica. As I promised, here is the final (at least I hope so) interior visualization of the bathrooms. 1. I have removed plastic bars near the toilet bowl. You didn’t mention the style of the bar which you had wanted to have there, so I had placed the narrow silver one. If you like it, that’s OK, if not, I have added another picture with no bars at all. 2. I have removed the plastic chair under the shower and made some changes. You mentioned that you would like to have permanent tile bench seat there, but you hadn’t provided the reference of it. That’s why I decided to create it using the wall tiles. 3. The floor became darker. As you wanted. 4. The ceiling is made now from the cappuccino tiles (like the wall). I also rotated them for 45 degree 5. That’s all. I hope you like my job. Thanks for good and helpful comments. Edgar.

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