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In our company we name our products creative names, and then try to embody the name of the product in a graphic that reflects it. We have many. We need new ones for our new products.

Each graphic logo needs:
-A unique font
-Matching color scheme to the product
-A design style that matches and makes it truly unique.
-Fits in a 1450x630px bounding box. (Can be smaller, see samples shown at 1/2 scale).

These are NOT boring "company logos". These are creative exciting artistic product labels!!
(Existing samples attached.)

There are going to be a total of 50+ and so I am looking for multiple artists for the project.
We will pay $15-25 per final logo depending on complexity. Initial contest winners will be paid $20 for first images chosen as winners here, and then may be hired to make more.

Please choose one of the following 5 options, and submit a FINAL and PRINT-READY jpg or png. (You can watermark to protect, etc. etc.)

A) Text: "Swirlpool". Font type: Swirly or wet. Color Scheme: Blue-aqua with a touch of magenta and sparkle. Concept: Swirling watery beauty. Accent image/icon: Wetness/water.

B) Text: "Firefly". Font type: Elegant OR buglike. Color Scheme: Dark brown & Glow in Dark style green. Concept: A brown thing that has glowing parts (like a firefly/lightning bug). Accent image/icon: Glow.

C) Text: "Heart of Gold". Font type: Any. Color Scheme: Clear/glass with a gold accents. Concept: Glass that has a gold in it's core and is loving. Accent image/icon: Gold heart (optional).

D) Text: "Luna". Font type: Script. Color Scheme: Greyscales like the moon. Concept: The text Luna appears elegantly in front of the moon. Accent image/icon: The Moon. Full or Crescent.

E) Text: "Brotherhood". Font type: Fun boyish font. Color Scheme: Red & Blue. Concept: Boyish fun like that had among brothers. Accent image/icon: Toys (maybe trucks or toy blocks).


If I were describe "Gamma Dice" from the sample block shown below, I would do so like this...

X) Text: "Gamma Dice". Font type: Comic book style. Color Scheme: Green & Purple. Concept: Comic book "bam" image. Accent image/icon: Explosion comic outline.

Looking forward to your submissions!


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  • ronypb1984
    • 4 ay önce

    Dear contest holder, I have 50+ more designs for your project but I couldn’t submit them in time. If you want I can also show them to you. Feel free to ask me for any improvement. I'll serve you unlimited revisions.

    • 4 ay önce
    1. vegasbattleroyal
      • 4 ay önce

      We can also make 50+ logos in this way.

      • 4 ay önce
  • anha2020
    • 4 ay önce

    Please check Entry #196

    • 4 ay önce
  • ratulpb2020
    • 4 ay önce

    Sir please check out #194 .Your feedback will help me to improve my design

    • 4 ay önce

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