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Animated lyric music video

This is the video I edited, the platform makes it lose a bit of quality, but originally everything looks pretty sharp (full hd). I hope you enjoy!

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  • AidanAzhar
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 3 ay önce

    HI there, I like the look and feel of your entry. Couple things that you may want to consider -

    1. I need the cover art to be on the left side of the video or at least shown at some point in the video.
    2. No need to make the video 1 minute long though I do appreciate it, I'd rather stick to just 2:38 - 3.00 so you can focus more on making words come up individually rather than whole sentences.

    • 3 ay önce
    1. danielcardosor
      • 3 ay önce

      Hello!Thanks for your feedback, I will make some changes to give the best project for you.

      • 3 ay önce