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Hi, Here's the sample based on the brief. I still need to modify the sales rep, so that he will be holding a cup of coffee and a phone. I have drawn the graphics using Affinity designer and I did the layout in AI. Is that ok? Also, can I just use Affinity designer in completing the whole infographic? BTW, here are more samples of my work. Thanks!

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  • salesforlife
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    • 6 yıl önce

    Hi, we're looking for a completed .AI file to make any changes if needed. From the example provided, I like that you understand the layout however the text spacing seems off and the title doesn't pop as well. I've provided our company logo as an attachment so you can use that. Going forward, do you have any examples of characters using strictly flat design? Good start so far.

    • 6 yıl önce
    1. jmtanva
      • 6 yıl önce

      I removed the shadowing of the character to make it more flat, . Here are some other characters, I've drawn --> I can draw a new one that looks a lot like in your sample (productive sales rep), if you want. BTW, do you need the illustrations of the characters also editable in AI or can these just be picture files?

      • 6 yıl önce