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SMALL BUSINESS EMAIL SOLUTIONS If you want to set up a free email service in minutes, several companies offer co-branded free email services for any site. Pros: Free and easy. Cons: you can't offer your own domain name, your service will be identical to the one on thousands of other sites, you give up all advertising revenues and you do not own your user base. Two large players in this market are I-P and ZapZoneNetwork. BUILD, LICENSE OR CO-BRAND You need to consider whether you are going to build your free email service from the ground up, license an existing solution, purchase an email server package outright or co-brand an existing provider's free email service. The answer depends partly on the funds you have available for this project. If your budget is very limited, you can either buy one of the cheaper server packages or co-brand your service with a provider such as Chek, Outblaze or BigMailBox.

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