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Own email service provider

Hello, Here is my suggestions 1 Choice (one time investment plan) You need to be running a mail server, for this the cheapest and simplest answer is Linux running Postfix and Dovecot as the mail handlers. You would need to subscribe to a fixed IP address, and set your domain registrar's dns to point to your IP. You need to forward the smtp and pop3 ports to your IP on the router. You can offer IMAP web mail this way, but will need to set quotas on user mailboxes. You also need to run a database for user and security control if you need to automate user logins, and must be very careful of mail sending security or your site will become an open spam relay and be blacklisted. 2 Choice (easiest) I can suggest you to buy cheap host package (50 GB - 18EUR per year, 800GB - 108EUR per year) for your domain and make how much emails do you want with size limits on it. Very easy. Your clients can configure Outlook on both choices Regards, Stanislav Savevski

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