Packaging design contest for two different eco-friendly straws

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We are looking for two artistic and mesmerizing packaging designs for two of our products; one for our eco-friendly, bio-degradable, reusable Luseke grass straws and another for our vegan, compostable, edible flavored straws. Our organization "KlimSmart" offers nature friendly alternatives to various day-to-day products completely made from "earth" such as the Luseke grass straws and edible straws previously mentioned. KlimSmart is on a mission to ban single-use-plastic by making all of our products fro high quality raw materials. Each of our products represents an idea or tradition being practiced or forgotten from somewhere around the world; for example, our Luseke grass straws were invented by our ancestors in Africa and the product originated in Uganda and our edible flavored straws originate from India.Therefore, we would like to emphasizes how each of our products are unique and represents global contribution for a "green" cause. We have included additional background information that would aid you in designing the packaging for each type of straw. Although we want the designer to have no restrictions when it comes to the images and design of the packaging we would recommend focusing on the uniqueness that each product has and the benefits they bring to nature without sacrificing the luxury of the product.

Packaging shape:
For this contest we would be open to changing the shape of the packaging; currently, the packaging for both product are rectangular shaped.

color of packaging :
We are open to different colors with no restriction but, keeping in mind the origin, material, message and most of all impact of the product when considering color combination for each product.
**Hint: Color Psychology In Marketing**
As previously stated our company for our products is "KlimSmart", our logo (see photo attached) is a tree with the branches shaped like the right and left lobes of the brain.

Luseke grass straws:
Background info - The Luseke grass straws originated in Africa and is exported from our partners in Uganda (Ouroots), where hundreds of straws are grown and farmed by independent single mothers from nearby villages. Each straw is individually nurtured every step of the way, from seeded all the way to packaging. long ago before plastic was vented our African ancestors utilized Luseke grass as straws. By retapping into our roots we can recover useful practices such as these to help our planet.

highlights: reusable, organic, %100 biodegradable, supporting rural farmers and independent single mothers, paper straws suck and only lasts up to 9 min, stop drinking paper, dishwasher safe up to 10x

**Please see our partners "Ouroots" packaging attached for more info and ideas**

Since KlimSmart is partnering with "Ouroots" for the Luseke grass straws their logo (photo attached) and name will be positioned small in size on the lower back side of the box just as seen in one their boxes where they have "Sina".

edible flavored straws:
Background info - Our edible flavored straws are exported from India where we have partnered with ''Nom" another eco-friendly company that's also fighting against single use plastic. We bring to the market a straw that carries value to the consumer well beyond its basic function of sipping a liquid. All of our edible straws are %100 vegan using only premium quality all natural ingridients and containing no preservatives. useful inventions such as these take a small step to making a big impact on our planet.
highlights: allergen and gluten free, No GMO, don't add flavor or color to drink, organic, %100 biodegradable, 6 flavors, individually wrapped
**Please see our partners ''Nom" packaging attached for more info and ideas**
Since KlimSmart is partnering with ''Nom" for the edible straws their logo (photo attached) and name will be positioned small in size on the lower back side of the box just as seen in one of the "ouroots" boxes where "Sina" is.

good luck

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“From Talha very first submission we knew he was our winner. We saw the time and effort in every submission he made, he was also super diligent and patient with all changes that was requested. we highly recommend Talha for all your project needs .”

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  • talhabalk
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    Thank you.

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    Hello Sir/Madam,

    Please check #40 and let me know your feedback. I am ready to make any type of change if you want.

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  • zeddcomputers
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    Hello there! Please do not close the contest early.
    I am working on it. Will submit my proposal soon. regards!

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