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Product Promo Video Ad

Hello again! hye, submitted here is my proposed video. Its a major overhaul from the submitted video previously. In this, I think I captured the essence of quick, straight to the point, vibrant and energetic promo video and rest assured, I made sure to use only royalty free no attribute pictures, videos and the music as well. The music was downloaded from youtube audio library. There is a wording which is cut short for ease of reading which is "This tweezer is built to last" to "Built to last". I hope this is okay by you. Lastly, I attached 2 renderings of the video; one for 60fps and the other one is as per your instructions of 30fps. Yes, I did put my face as the watermark since I am not planning to seal the entry for idea sharing purposes hahah. Thank you for the provided feedback, looking forward to hearing again from you soon. thanks!

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