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Duplex Flat Proposed Plan

Good day! I utilized every inch of space to be used based on your requirements. I also added some spaces and furniture that you may want but still flexible according to your needs i.e. the laundry area, if you don't need it, can be an extended pantry. I also chose to stick to some existing layouts such as the open plan living/kitchenette/dining areas which provide cross ventilation and natural light that makes the space looks bigger. I also chose to stick to contain the kitchen but instead, integrated a pass-through counter. Other changes are: - Full-length closets and walk-in closets in the bedrooms - Proposed office/study has a french door, nook, and backdrop storage/drawers - Balconies are made bigger - More window in the rooms and the staircase - Breakfast nook within the dining area Please let me know any comments and revisions you would like, I am at your full disposal. I would love to continue and finish this project with you. I hope you like it! Thanks and regards, Kev

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