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Hey how are you?. The website you are requesting is called a "service" or "corporate" website. It is usually programmed in HTML or PHP (like your sample website you provided is). Though these days we use a more modern programming language known as "HTML5" which is far better looking, fast, modern and more user friendly with mobile and tablet technology. I have created a basic mockup of how your website will look like. It has a lot of stock text, images but you get the basic idea. We can add all the design and questionnaire type aspects you need to it. It will be very secure as well. It will function just like the sample website you showed me except it will be better looking and look much better performance wise. It is also not a "static" design where everything just stays the same/ on yours the slider will animate and move to show great hi-def slides, hovering over buttons and icons will result in coloured or animated feedback and much more. Let me know if you have any questions.

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