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Extention to my entries 1&2

This is an example of the type of resume order module we can install in the designs I proposed in my entries 1&2 on this contest. Obviously a great bit of information required for the client is missing but you can get a picture from this to how it will function. You can see it is far better than the website example you gave and is far more user friendly. We can incorporate this into a great design (one like I proposed in my entry 1&2) and the end result will be a very professional and user friendly website. All of these things will also be mobile and tablet friendly so that users can get a great feel for the site regardless of what they are browsing on. Its crucial to capture this market as these users are making the major purchases online these days and it is only going to increase in the future. Just PC based sites are no longer feasible. They glitch on most tablet devices which will overcrowd the future market as opposed to laptops.

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