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Friends of Nepal

Hello, I am from Nepal too. Graphics designer by hobby. Was very happy to see this contest. So, instead of just shouting in the comment section, I tried to make whatever I could come up with in this late hour. I know it doesn't look too good, and Even if I don't get selected in this contest, I would like to inform you that I would be more than happy to get involved with the project and help the people here. For the same purpose, me and my friends are starting a non-profit within this month too. Well, I know, this is not the right section to post these messages, but just to let you know. :) Sorry, if it was inappropriate. Thanks a lot for this Helping Hand.

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  • Avasz
    • 3 yıl önce

    BTW, I would like to design this properly tomorrow morning if no proper designs are uploaded by then. But it seems there is very less time for the contest to end. sad.. :(

    • 3 yıl önce