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Risky Space Business: NASA AI Risk Prediction Challenge

$20.000 USD
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IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THE FULL CHALLENGE BRIEF THAT CONTAINS ALL THE CHALLENGE AND SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS AND RULES CHALLENGE BRIEF: REGISTRATION FORM: FAQ: WEBINAR RECORDING: Predict project risks using NASA’s lessons from the past. Design a project management tool that extracts past project risk information and uses AI/ML to predict risks on future projects. RISKY SPACE BUSINESS: NASA AI RISK PREDICTION CHALLENGE If you’re an AI/ML specialist or someone who is great at extracting data from past project reports, this challenge is for you! The Risky Space Business Challenge is looking for White Papers and algorithms to help NASA predict risks on future projects. If you’re up to the challenge, you could win a share of the $50,000 purse. To participate in this challenge, you must describe or show how you would: 1. Extract risk data from past project reports 2. Create a template for future project reporting 3. Create a taxonomy of risks for future use 4. Use AI/ML to identify potential risks in future projects using past project reports. Winning solutions will be used to help NASA, and potentially anyone managing a project, improve their ability to identify risks before they become real issues CHALLENGE OVERVIEW All project plans are created with the hope that everything will go to plan. However, that rarely happens; schedules slip, costs increase, and components can’t be built as planned. If only you could use all the knowledge from past projects to help you assess risk on future projects. That is what NASA’s Game Changing Development (GCD) Program hopes to do through the Risky Space Business Challenge. GCD is looking for competitors who can solve one or more or all of the following: - an algorithm to extract risk data from past project reports - a template for reporting project data that provides data structures suitable for AI/ML - new ways of categorizing risk and creating data structures to enable AI/ML a plan to put it all together to use AI/ML to identify project risks For this challenge, whether you choose to address all or part of it, you will need to write a White Paper and provide algorithms, if available, describing or demonstrating your solution. CHALLENGE BACKGROUND Being able to identify and manage risk is essential to effectively run any development project. The goal of this Challenge is to move GCD from recognizing and reporting risk during a project and after the project is completed, to being able to identify potential risks by comparing project documentation on active projects to historical data and information available from other GCD projects. PRIZES Total Purse: $50,000 Up to 3 prizes will be awarded to the top solvers that achieve the requirements of the challenge for a total of $35,000. The best solution will be awarded $20,000, second place will be awarded $10,000, and third place will be awarded $5,000. Another $15,000 in prizes may be awarded for innovative solutions in data extraction, data formatting, or risk prediction with a minimum prize amount of $2,500. These additional prizes can be given to solutions that place in the top three, or to other submissions that are exceptional in these areas. If fewer solutions meet the criteria for a prize, the money will be redistributed among the qualified winners. REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS Registration will be open from the launch of the challenge until the submission deadline of February 7, 2022, 5:00 PM ET. To Register for the Challenge, Teams must: 1. Sign up for an account on the platform 2. Complete and submit the Registration Form Registration Forms will be reviewed for eligibility; ineligible teams will be notified and teams that meet the Challenge eligibility requirements, as listed in the Rules, may continue in the competition. Eligible teams will be provided with the sample project data from NASA to use for the solution. Link to Registration Form: SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS A team or individual may submit more than one solution to the challenge. However, each submission must be a substantially different solution. For example, if the solutions use a different algorithm for extracting data or assessing risk, they can be submitted separately. However, if two submissions from the same team are deemed to be too similar, only the last submission will be considered for judging. All solutions must: - Be written in English and cannot be handwritten. - Be from an eligible team. - Include uploaded Registration Form, Submission Form. Submissions may also include algorithms demonstrating any or all portions of the solutions. - Include solutions to all parts of the challenge. The White Paper information must be submitted using the Challenge Submission Form. The Submission Form will be sent to eligible participants by the Challenge Team after registration. RULES NASA and employees of Challenge partners reserve the right to update or modify this challenge at any time. Updated material will be made available to all participants. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS Each participant (whether an individual, group of individuals, or entity) must agree to and abide by the following: Freelancer Eligibility Policies, Freelancer User Agreement, and the Freelancer Copyright Infringement Policy. Each participant must complete and comply with the Freelancer KYC process. All team members must meet Freelancer eligibility policies. All team members must be at least 18 years old. The team lead must be eligible to receive payment under the laws of the United States; U.S. federal sanctions prohibit participation from certain countries. NASA and employees of Challenge partners are not eligible to participate. Federal employees acting within the scope of their employment are not eligible to participate. Any individual or entity associated with the development or administration of this challenge is ineligible to compete. Government contractors working on the same or similar projects are ineligible to participate in the Challenge. Funds from U.S. or foreign government organizations should not be used to directly fund the development of a solution to this Challenge. Solutions that were previously developed with Government/Federal funds, or where Government/Federal funds, including but not limited to, employee time, materials, and reviews, were utilized to prepare the submission or solutions are prohibited. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS Solutions must originate from either the U.S. or a designated country (see definition of designated country at, OR have been substantially transformed in the US or designated country prior to prototype delivery pursuant to FAR 25.403(c). Submission Forms must be uploaded to the Challenge page and data solutions must be available on GitHub before the deadline, February 7, 2022, at 5:00 pm ET. No late submissions will be accepted. All submissions must be submitted using the PDF Submission Form. Submissions must be in English, and machine-readable (not handwritten). PAYMENT For any prize award, the winner will receive the full amount awarded; any Freelancer seller fee will be refunded to the winner. If participating as a team, all payments will be made to the Team Leader who is solely responsible for the distribution of funds among team members. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Each Winning Team (whether an individual or group of individuals) selected to win a prize under this Challenge must apply a permissive open source license, such as Apache 2.0, to their solution(s) and retain the software and accompanying documentation in a publicly available repository until June 3, 2025. Ownership of all intellectual property rights, if any, in the idea or concept demonstrated by the proposed solution will remain with the solver. NASA reserves the right to negotiate licenses for additional submitted solutions. If you are unable to comply with the IP agreement for all or part of your solution, contact the challenge team at ************************************************* CHALLENGE BRIEF: REGISTRATION FORM: Please submit questions to the challenge Public Clarification Board or to Özellikli Öne Çıkar Garantili Mühürlü Önde Gelen Yarışma

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Technical Writing
AI (Artificial Intelligence) HW/SW
Computer Science
Data Analytics
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Kullanıcı Avatarı
Ashiqur R.
2 yıl önce
Thanks a lot for arrange this program.
Kullanıcı Avatarı
Yarışma Sahibi
2 yıl önce
Hi everyone, Thank you so much for your participation in the Risky Space Business Challenge. The judges at Freelancer, LMI and NASA were very impressed with the quality of the winning entries and the innovative approaches that these entries had. Please join us in congratulating the winners. Our winners for top solutions were: - First place: @ChristopherTMilo (Christopher Milo) - Second place: @richardvecsey (Richárd Ádám Vécsey Dr. and Axel Ország-Krisz Dr.) - Third place: @thomasilin (Thomas Ilin) Our winners for innovation solutions were: - For data extraction: @galuscakova (Petra Galuscakova) - For data formatting: @deankoucoulas (Dean Koucoulas) - For risk prediction: @apoplavsky (Alex Poplavsky) Thank you again for joining us - keep an eye out for other similar contests on such as the "Aftershock: NASA Shock Propagation Prediction Challenge" going on right now on behalf of NASA! (
Kullanıcı Avatarı
Ayush M.
2 yıl önce
Hi, is there any way I can participate from India?
Kullanıcı Avatarı
Dean K.
2 yıl önce
What is the criteria for which a project risk becomes captured in the "Lessons Learned" system? Mainly asking because I'm not sure if I missed it while searching, but did any of the risks from the Astrobee or SynBio projects get captured in the Lessons Learned system?
Kullanıcı Avatarı
Sunday N.
2 yıl önce
Hi, I am from Nigeria . Am I eligible to participate?
Kullanıcı Avatarı
Md R.
2 yıl önce
hi. i am ridoanul from oman. can i submit entry plz?
Kullanıcı Avatarı
Aaryan R.
2 yıl önce
Hi, I'm from Nepal, can I submit my entry?
Kullanıcı Avatarı
Jessica E.
2 yıl önce
I am not seeing anything that says I can not be a Team Leader in the requirements... I would have 2-4 spaces Looking to fill pending on some people's answers. For anyone who would be interested in forming a team with me as I am in Canada...Good Day to You All. :)
Kullanıcı Avatarı
Mostafa S.
2 yıl önce
I am not from a designated county can i find a team that I can join??
Kullanıcı Avatarı
Anusuya G.
2 yıl önce
Hi I am from India with PhD on Prescriptive Analytics. Skills : Algorithm writing, research writing, Statistics, Optimization. Can anyone join me from an eligible country? Thanks.

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