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Door Management System

Hi Daniel, I have created working project of the system. It is not just the UI. It is working example of the system. Correct codes are 1212 and 1231. You can configure correct codes on codex.php file. It has an array of correct codes. Inputs are TEL as you mentioned, it will jump to next input once typed a character masked by a box. If code is wrong display the error message. If it is correct it will redirect to the open.php file. It checks the session has a valid code. If not redirect back to code page. open page will send 3 API requests. Check the door status and display on top. Get the current image. When user clicks on OPEN button it will send the door open API call. $camera_ip, $camera_user and $camera_pass can be configured. Let me know if you need more info. Feel free to contact me if you need more info. Also I will work with you until this goes live. Cheers, Sampath

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