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I have put up two files for you, one is merely the combination of four tracks you have given(only music), and the other is with some vocals of mine. just let me know if you just need the vocal layers separately , all or just a few, we could adjust and i could deliver. I have just for now merged them in to the final track, not much without effects. Pretty much just a little reverb and a dab of delay.I just enjoyed working upon this track. Thanks. Let me know, once you award the prize i shall make the file shareable. Thanks. :) The Lyrics See the fire Those empty bars….whispering around….well I have Got nothing to say … P sa ni sa ni pa sa ga sa ni paa.. Ma pa ni pa…. Sa ga sa gg pa.. Ma pa niii ma pa nii ma pa sa… You drop down you get up,, Trash down… you clean uppp In circles to find find a line But in squares you sum it upppp Chasing, Believing Happiness, you craving.. The false chase, Aint a race Get comfy, come Get your pace!

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    • 4 hafta önce

    Great work

    I would just change 1:00-1:23

    • 4 hafta önce
    1. RatnaShah
      • 4 hafta önce

      Thank you very much sir. I will edit that part, remove it from 1 to 1.23 and put the files in links again. Regards.

      • 4 hafta önce