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Spine modified. Please, send feedback. Thanks.

I changed the Spine as you asked. I put the title on the vertical and also increased the author's name. Please check and rate, send feedback. Thanks.

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  • JTStoll
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    • 5 yıl önce

    Whoops, I think I was a bit unclear earlier. I want the title on the spine to read down the spine, just like the name does. I don't want the letters horizontal, but vertical. #9 did this very well.

    Also, the spine has some sharp edges on its coloring. I'd like it to blend in with the covers a bit more. Is there any way you can make the spine blend in a little more?

    When I print the physical books, sometimes a little of the spine ends up on the front or back cover. It's best if we can have it blend in a little better.

    But this is currently the best design. I like what you've done.

    • 5 yıl önce