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Could this make your life easier? - Yes Could it help you? Yes, was actually excited to try on my kids photos What are your challenges right now? These are few of my observations while using the site. => Easy registration which is good => opening main page can little more exciting/exotic. => project page is simple and good looking and I like it. => create project has problems where is input folder and output older option? (first click on upload symbol would have avoided the confusion) Why is there please wait sign? What am I waiting for if I did not click upload ? When I dragged and dropped image got tilted and I would prefer it nor to do that. In processing page The blueprit options are good but a small note of what actually fit to fill/scale up means would have been useful Excellent processing speed and easy to do with instruction downloading easy and fast I love it. If image size is too small to process, would it be possible for blocking it before user uploads the image?

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