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RPM Alarm using Counters

Hi, I have designed another circuit with 32khz crystal oscillator and counters. Here is a the simulation. 74HC4060 is a binary counter with built in clock oscillator. By attaching a 32kHz crystal to it, we can obtain a 2Hz signal out from its Q13 (PIN3). This output with 0.5sec period is counted by another step counter "74HC4017" that will advance each 0.5sec. So after 6 clock cycles (3 seconds), Q6 will be high and stores a 1 in the 74HC74 Flip-Flop. PW signal controls the reset input of the counters, so counters will be enabled to count for a period equal the PW high state. If PW high state is greater than 3 seconds, Q6 will goes high and produce an alarm signal. If it is less than 3 seconds, Q6 will never goes high and hence the alarm signal will be off. In this design when the alarm signal is triggered, it will remain on and needs to be reset by the switch button.

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