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Hye I am a content writer. I understand your project details and providing you the sample script without questions comment adding if you like than I add comment sections too. Provide feedback too

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  • zahrakhanum6192
    • 2 ay önce

    Sure I can do it and submit it tomorrow thanks for feedback

    • 2 ay önce
  • Nik333Adi
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 2 ay önce

    Hi Khadija, I liked your script, can you make the sample input a bit more complex? and keep it non-sorted in the beginning, so that you can show it while sorting.

    a couple of things missing are a bit more explanation about the solution and also a dry run. based on the pseudocode you can show a dry run on the sample input step by step.

    But it's a good start overall.
    if you re-submit tomorrow I can review it in detail on Sunday

    • 2 ay önce