Answer 13 tech questions in visionary way (TECH NERDS ONLY)

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Please answer following questions, you can give example companies or projects.


1. There are numerous measurable benefits from an effective data analytics process. Leveraging machine learning is a solid step toward impactful data analytics. What's a first step for a tech department that wants to start using ML to improve data analytics?

2. As cloud usage in businesses becomes increasingly complex, security becomes an even hotter issue. What's one tip for maintaining security in a multicloud environment?

3. Coming back from an extended holiday break can be challenging for anyone, but in the fast-paced, detail-oriented world of tech, it can be particularly difficult. What's your best tip for tech leaders to get their teams back on track and ready to tackle the new year?

4. Think of one of your current or past developers who proved to be an outstanding team member. What was one surprising trait they had that helped make them a true asset to your team?

5. Tech leaders know it can be a challenge to get everyone in the company to keep their software updated for security purposes, and as remote work arrangements expand, it's even more of a challenge. What's one practical way to get your companywide team to keep their software updated for security reasons?

6. Not all that long ago, widespread AI application and technologies like VR were considered "crazy" ideas. What's one "out there" tech development that may soon be surprising consumers or industry?

7. The plunge into remote learning has created an urgency for tech-based educational solutions. What's one way to leverage technology to improve educational outcomes?

8. Everyone can use a little help when it comes to keeping their new year's resolutions—including professional ones. What's one piece of tech (not your own) that can help professionals at any level keep their new year's resolutions?

9. Voice assistants such as Alexa are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to smart home tech. What's one smart tech feature you predict will be common in homes in 5 to 10 years?

10. Leveraged for everything from entertainment to skills training, virtual reality can boast flexibility among its benefits. What's the best example of VR you've seen in practice, and what made/makes it especially effective?

11. Digital payment methods have made huge strides in adoption during the pandemic. What's one way digital payment technology could be improved to boost the CX and further cement its usage?

12. In a recent study, 45% of organizations said that complexity of legacy tech is a barrier to applications success. What's one tip for modernizing legacy IT systems to maintain agility?

13. What's one specific step tech leaders can take to diversify their tech talent pipeline?

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