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Storyboards needed Need x3 storyboards for creative content proposals I'm putting together. I've attached what I need, essentially am after proper imagery (12 images for each storyboard) as per my descriptions in each box. Leave text below each box as is. Each storyboard needs to fit within the 1 page/slide and want it to look visually engaging with all images showcasing how the proposed content/vid... 0 Apr 21, 2018 Bugün20s 22a €118
Redesign / update existing company website Update company website design for The website should be clean and modern. Existing content should be used. Some content is outdated. I will provide updated content, as a text file, to the contest winner. 42 Apr 21, 2018 Bugün7s 6a €293
Need mocks Need mocks for an upcoming work pitch for Hyundai Santa Fe. There are 2 elements needed: 1) Hyundai Santa Fe homepage on Carsales. I've included a Holden example and format must remain the same but hero image must be Hyundai Santa Fe and ad dropdown also Hyundai Santa Fe (as well as full screen mobile). Link included to Hyundai site for appropriate imagery. 2) Need landing page for Hy... 14 Apr 21, 2018 Bugün6s 39a €131
Create a Team Logo One Brigade is looking for a Team Logo One Brigade is a Counterstrike Esports team looking for a logo. The team colors are black, white and blue. Suggested designs are a group of five army men surrounded in a shield with the team name, a simple team name design or any other cool designs. 0 Grafik Tasarımı, Logo Tasarımı Apr 21, 2018 Bugün4g 23s €9
Build A Website Hi, My name is David. I had a vision years ago for a piece of art I would like to have on my coffee table representing the sport I partake in and I wanted it to be something to be proud of. Something that would spark up a conversation of the sport I was involved in. The project has been a fun adventure and has gotten me involved in many different versions of my idea. I’ve developed a co... 0 Veri Girişi, Veri İşleme, Grafik Tasarımı, Web Sitesi Tasarımı Apr 21, 2018 Bugün6g 23s €203
Create Print and Packaging Designs Attached are the listing and buyer presentation and service plan. I am looking for the three separate booklet designed for all three (text material and cover page sample in the attached files) foloowing same theme., a sample presentations for reference can be found in the link([url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek için giriş yapın]). I am looking for a clean cut high end presentation... 0 Broşür Tasarımı, Kurumsal Kimlik, Kapak & Paketleme, Grafik Tasarımı Apr 21, 2018 Bugün3g 21s €111
make a flyer Create a flyer for GROWN FOLKS LIVE 100% REAL Tune in Every Wednesday at 9:30 pm EST Hosted By MEL w/ special guests with FB Logo and Grown Folks Live Logo (GFL) use only one of my pictures on the flyer Please make it bright with sexy bold fonts 0 Apr 21, 2018 Bugün6g 19s €8
DE-KETAMIN INFUSION THERAPY Creat a logo to suggest a safe, compassionate, and tranquil environment. Be original and avoid Red Cross symbol used for hospitals. Use two healing colors: green, orange, yellow, and purple are just some suggestions. 0 3B Tasarım, Her şey Kabul, Grafik Tasarımı, Logo Tasarımı, Video Servisleri Apr 21, 2018 Bugün6g 18s €37
Design Mobile App Mockup , User Interface for (Golden Talent) app Name of app is Knowledge There will be contest of knowledge with three questions for all the members every day and the winner will be selected random. -the admin will shared 3 multiple choice questions with all members and the winner will be selected from all the members who passed the three questions. - the same thing there will be 10 multiple choice questions every week with the same ide... 0 Uygulama Tasarımcısı, Grafik Tasarımı, Kullanıcı Arayüzü / IA Apr 21, 2018 Bugün6g 11s €81
Cryptocurrency coin profile page We need to design & create a profile page about cryptocurrency coin information. These include : - public/general information - - icon, name, symbol (as the main title) - - date of start - - website url -- legal document (if available, link to PDF) - social information - links / icons to all social platforms (reddit, youtube, linkedin, facebook, twitter, discord, telegram, steemit, bitcointa... 0 Apr 21, 2018 Bugün6g 10s €284
Help me with Marketing and Design of product stand and catalogue We are the major distribution partners for our tea supplier from Sri Lanka. This contest is for two items: the idea/design/template of sales catalog and the product (tea) stand (idea, design, schematics). Both they should have same style and idea. Some key moments: 1) The designed catalog template should be word .docx format in which we could put the pictures of tea and price and short descri... 0 Brand Marketing, Konsept Tasarımı, Grafik Tasarımı, Pazarlama, Satış Apr 21, 2018 Bugün29g 7s €80
Create a promo video for software Looking for a promo to our software, the software is an application that manages the entire lifecycle of a project, starting from the feasibility study inputs, managing the BOQ of the project and linking it to the building's elements to be able to automatically calculate the changes of any element from the 3D module that the software generate, the main advantage of this system is that it ... 0 3B Tasarım, 3D Modelleme, Video Düzenleme, Video Servisleri, Videografi Apr 21, 2018 Bugün2g 5s €366
Create an Animation Hi All, I'm looking for a professional Youtube Intro and Outro package that includes an animated version of my logo which I can provide. The youtube channel is called Tristanado Tube. Our main focuses are on: Videogames (represented by the controller on the logo) Boardgames (represented by the dice on the logo) Educational Games (represented by the book on our logo) The video ... 21 3D Animasyon, Video Düzenleme, Animasyon, Logo Tasarımı, YouTube Apr 6, 2018 Apr 6, 20184g 19s €96
Do some 3D Modelling Design and upload a 3D Citygift of your City/area. we are working for Hospitality Industry. So Hotels are our clients. The visitors of a Hotel can buy these 3D printed souvenirs, citygifts only in the Hotel where they stay. Forget Mass production of souvenirs. We 3D print only 1 in the favourite colour, and complete customized with name and date. Within 4 days we ship it worldwide. We 3D print it ... 8 3D Animasyon, 3D Modelleme, 3D Rendering Apr 2, 2018 Apr 2, 201810g 15s €68
Design a logo design a logo 87 Grafik Tasarımı, Logo Tasarımı Nov 19, 2017 Nov 19, 2017Bitti €8
Industrial services logo I need a logo designed. It has to be representative of a heavy industry experts services business. 1 Grafik Tasarımı Apr 21, 2018 Bugün13g 23s €8
Cleaning Logo Design a logo for a cleaning company. Name of the company is: Aakrom Cleaning Services Possibly have Aakrom on its own line, with Cleaning Services below it. It should be clean and modern looking. Should be a vector, that is print and web suitable. When demonstrating your design, ensure you show the logo on a black background and a white background, as a single entree. 15 Grafik Tasarımı, Logo Tasarımı Apr 21, 2018 Bugün6g 22s €28 Mobile Immigration Unit I need a logo for [url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek için giriş yapın], which will be a immigration law office on wheels. I'm not sure what I want, as long as it isn't tacky or cartoonish. Open to ideas 16 Grafik Tasarımı, Logo Tasarımı Apr 21, 2018 Bugün14g 22s €82
Logo/Thumbnail for a Youtube Channel I'm looking for a new logo/thumbnail for my Youtube channel, Coffee Break. It's the main channel icon that I'm talking about. A little about the channel... It's a video essay channel about ideas with 100K subs, and it's time for something a little nicer. (old thumnail uploaded for ref, though I need something completely different) and if you want to glance at my video ... 3 Grafik Tasarımı, İllüstratör, Logo Tasarımı, Photoshop Apr 21, 2018 Bugün9g 22s €81
I would like to hire a Logo Designer We are a building company based in Auckland, New Zealand. We currently specialise in architecturally designed (one off) new build homes and renovations at the mid-high end of the market. We are currently changing direction in the business to focus more on more sustainable, energy efficient builds using the NZ home star rating system. As a start we would love to find a designer to create a new l... 20 3B Tasarım, Her şey Kabul, Grafik Tasarımı, Logo Tasarımı, Pazarlama Apr 21, 2018 Bugün6g 22s €81
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