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I'm a poet who recently done a poem about confidence and I would like to add visuals to amplify the message

I'm looking for a 2D animator to make an animation (in colour) in sync or in relation to what I'm saying in the poem.

I’ve attached a video of the inspiration I would love for it to look like

The animation can include some lyrics from the poem which I will include as reference below:

Confidence is always something I wanted to get from a young age

It’s time to move onto the next chapter in my life let’s go to the next page

Cos dwelling on the past is like reading the same chapter and expecting a different ending
Meanwhile God has library of knowledge left for me to invest in
To make me stronger and wiser for the next steps
Cos the more I go higher in levels, the harder it gets
Pain, mistakes and hardships, it’s all evidence
It’s blue blueprint for me to gain strength, power and intelligence
That’s why I can’t be paralysised dwelling on all the mistakes I’ve made

Time waits for no one, I have to stay focus and engaged
To hold my head high and know that I am deserving
Despite my past mistakes, they don’t define me cos I’m still learning

Now I learned that if you don’t truly love yourself you always look for validation
living in other peoples heads like in some sort of second accommodation

Don’t let other peoples opinions drown out your self-worth
God made perfect, beautifully when he put you on this earth
I am never gonna give someone the power to dictate my emotions
Cos people can easily fl abuse leaving you feeling empty and broken
But sometimes it’s not other people I should blame,
I forget that this thing we call life, I am the main character in this game

We are in full control of what we do in this life

But we are so quick to blame someone responsible for our own agony and strife
But the hard truth is some hurt is self inflicted
Sometimes I wrap myself around with the chains of self doubt leaving me conflicted
Then convicted of the hurt crimes I’m doing to myself,
I’m putting all the negativity aside this year ,leaving it all on the shelf
I’m gonna work so hard to achieve my goal
To give it everything with my heart and soul
To take my more risks and go places I have never been before

But so easy to hesitate cos sometimes I feel insecure
You see, Insecurity is the result of striving for perfection
I used to constantly seek for something wrong when looking at my reflection
Now I see a dark skin 6f 3 handsome, bearded melanated king
Ready to receive all the blessings and grace the Lord will bring

Not gonna lie, of course have my flaws, but I have the spirit and tenacity to open many doors
Not to gloat but if I don’t hype my self, my guy will?
Lemme go one, my melanin too sweet, step back you might make yourself ill
I’m feeling like like a guy from limitless when he swallowed the pill
But all jokes aside, life is can be hard and give you any surprise
Embrace those hardships and use it as a device
To navigate towards your desired destination, cos at the end of the day its all preparation
To shape and mould me into my best self for my elevation

So when it’s all said and done, Ill be great example gfor my future daughters and sons
But lemme focus on now and the present
Cos obsessing over the future is not always pleasant
So.. Imma always say that imma king with my chest
Cos of Gods wants nothing else for me other than than the very best

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“Easy to communicate with, high quality work. I definitely will be working with him again”

Profil Görüntüsü Sylvester1Akin, United Kingdom.

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  • mitushimishu
    • 1 ay önce

    Take a look at #1 ,2,3,4 pls . Tx !

    • 1 ay önce
    1. Sylvester1Akin
      Yarışma Sahibi
      • 1 ay önce

      Hey! I’m looking for animation not images I’m afraid

      • 1 ay önce
  • haidarhashim
    • 1 ay önce

    is it an animation contest or find the right photo then animate it ?!! please CH, provide the photos that you want to animate

    • 1 ay önce
    1. Sylvester1Akin
      Yarışma Sahibi
      • 1 ay önce

      It’s an animation contest, I’m not very sure why people are submitting photos ?. You can literally animate it in any style you like as long as it relates to to the poem

      • 1 ay önce

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