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Please assist us by writing some content for our new website. Aejis is a nonprofit organization that provides education to assist consumers in overcoming barriers to financial growth especially in relation to personal credit and educational loans. Here are a few bullet points to help you to get started:

Removing the defaulted statuses from Federal Student Loans and restoring Title IV Financial Aid eligibility and benefits, allowing a student to return to school
• Stopping Federal Tax offsets so that you can finally receive your tax return
• Stopping harassing and embarrassing collection agency calls
• Lowering a students payments in some cases to as low as $5-$25 Monthly
• Consolidating all your Federal student loans all into one simple payment
• Offering flexible repayment options
• Helping you to re-establish your Federal Student Loan rights, such as deferment and forbearance

• Maintaining stewardship over your finances is more than just worksheets & charts.
* Set goals & Accept responsibility over the funds you have, whether modest or major
* Obtain guidance- use your funds as an asset
* Create a Budget : Know your expenses & Practice Intentional Spending
* "Spending Diary"
* Essential Expenses vs Discretionary Expenses
* Saving should occur as early as possible
* Emergency fund = 3-6 months of expenses
* Budgeting Benefits:
* Reduced stress
* Better spending habits
* Proof of tax deductions
* Savings toward future goals
* Manage Debt:
* Don't spend what you don't have!
* Avg. US household with at least one credit card carries $15,950 in debt (in 2012), according to
* Know who you owe - order your credit reports
* Charge only up to 7% of your total credit card balance at any given time
* Pay off highest-rates first
* Total monthly long-term debt payments, including mortgages, should not exceed 36% of your gross monthly income
* Call to request possible reductions in your interest rates
* Good debt generally includes anything you can afford the monthly payments for

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    please rate entry # 18. i will give you complete work after award the contest.

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