Contest to find a long term writer for a video game

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The contest is for 10$ because I am more interested to find a long term writer than a contest. I am developing a first person physics educational platform puzzle game, and want a writer for the game.
Here is some info about my game: The setting is in futuristic space. The main character/player is a robot who is used for experimentation. the player/robot will "learn" physics through interacting with the environment. Note The robot doesn't know anything about its past or what is doing. The robot doesn't know it is under an experiment.

What I want in a game writer:
- Good writing skills (unlike mines :P)
- Good Grammar and Spelling
- Amazing creativity and outside of box thinking
- Able to write story based on limited artwork/models
- Ability to write technical physics text ( like explaining newtons law of physics) in an interactive way for the players
- Everything must be original. NO copy and pasting

To enter this contest submit one of the following:
a) show me some creative/technical writing you did before
b) Write a short creative paper of the game I described above. Describe the setting in a creative way (add whatever you like to) or anything related to the game theme (dark/isolation, space, robots, physics, experiment, etc)
c) Write a short technical paper describing any physics related concept (you can do things like Newton laws of physics, laws of thermodynamics, etc.. )
d) Write anything that you think will impresses me that proves you have what it takes.

Also write somewhere if you are interested in creative writing or/and technical writing. I am planning to get 1 for both, however I know they are different fields. Therefore I might get 2 people 1 for creative writing and the other for technical writing.
Also write how much you expect to get paid.

you can submit multiple papers with same category or multiple categories. ( like you can submit multiple previous technical writing, or you can create a creative paper about the theme and a technical writing) and I highly prefer those who submit both option b and c.

Note: I am also looking for blog writer later on so if you are interested, it might be an option later on.

Alright guys/gals good luck

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