Craft a Infographic about Grammar

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We've crafted a post about the differences between Grammar and Style. The infographic will supplement our post.

Link to our graphics - [login to view URL]

Here is what the infographic should include:

Possible ideas for designer:

I’m imagining an inverted pyramid. At the top (widest end of pyramid), it should say “Basic Communication.” At the bottom (tip of the inverted pyramid) is “Optimal Readability for Intended Audience.”

The pyramid should be divided into 3 sections: Grammar, Style, and Usage, then maybe we can have an image and text coming out from each section.


-Should be closest to the wide end of the pyramid


· Grammar is the basic syntactic framework of language. It’s deeply ingrained into our brains — it’s how we’re wired. Grammar guides reader expectation. It includes every possible way of communicating within a single language.

· Grammar is the reason speakers of the same language can understand one another — why an urban youth from New York City can understand an old man from the Deep South. (This would make a super cute little original graphic!)

· At CEM, we deliver content that’s grammatically flawless in every project, but we don’t always follow old-school rules of prescriptive grammar.


-Should be the largest section in the middle of the pyramid


· Style narrows the focus a bit more. It’s how writers present their work. Style involves tone, flow, sentence and paragraph structures, and word choices.

· Sentences can be grammatically perfect, while the style can be a confusing mess.

· Style fills in the gray areas left by grammar. It’s why some of us prefer commas to dashes, and why we prefer active voice to passive voice. (Maybe add a graphic showing a confused person/writer with a thinking bubble over their head, saying, “compliment or flatter?” “dash or semicolon?” “Should I try to impress them with my highfalutin jargon?”)

· Style is advice — a preference.

· At CEM, we follow a house style guide based on general best web writing practices and a friendly, conversational tone.


-Should be closest to the tip of the pyramid


· Usage takes us closest to optimal readability for the intended audience. It should be our main concern as content creators, because it can mean the difference between grabbing your audience and alienating them.

· Ideal usage means stating the ideas you want to convey in a way that your readers can understand.

· At CEM, we realize that usage changes every day with the invention of new concepts and ideas. We analyze our clients’ audiences and opt for language usage that will best resonate with them.

· Maybe a graphic showing someone scratching their head, confused, looking at a “Very Official Dictionary” with words in it like “Scooby snacks, manspreading, photobomber, selfie, vlog, side boob, noob, webisode, glamping, twerk”

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  • Osynovskyy
    • 2 yıl önce

    Hello! I'm orking on your project. Wait for my entry Thank you!

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  • Katt27
    • 2 yıl önce

    Hi! Please Check #6

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  • dinaelhadidy94
    • 2 yıl önce

    what is the size of the infographic ?

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    1. contentequa
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      • 2 yıl önce

      Doesn't matter, it will be used in a blog but we can link to a full page.

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