Create a cartoon illustration of a Pug

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Dear Illustrator

We are looking for someone to create a cartoon illustration of Pugalugs the Pug which will be used as the main character in a series of children’s books.

Design Brief

The Character

The character will be Pugalugs the Pug. The cutest cuddliest pug you could imagine. When Children meet the “Real Pugalugs”, they literally melt in adoration and always ask their parents if they can get a pug too. We need the character in the book to have the same effect on children.

Style of Character

We are particularly interested in the characters being generated in a similar style to that of Talking Ben from the Talking Friends apps, or Churchill the dog from the Insurance Adverts. We want them to look semi realistic but not like a photograph – if we did, we would just take photos.

It is important that the characters look definitely like PUGS…. However, we are also happy for their features to be simplified if necessary or exaggerated if needed to gain maximum “cuteness” effect. We have also considered the effect of having the characters done as caricatures and although we feel over exaggeration would not suit what we are looking for, slightly exaggerated features may help to bring out the characters

We like the style of character you see in films or TV programs like Shrek, Puss in boots, Toy Story, Frozen, The nut Job, The Hive and other animated semi-realistic 3D films. We understand that in order to achieve this kind of effect it may be necessary to use computer aided simulations using packages such as Maya or Blender. We have also learned that this effect may be achieved by hand drawing then digitizing the image and air-brushing the images?

Talking Friends Image 1 - We like the cartoon style in the Talking Friends Image 1 as the characters are easily identifiable and different. These cartoon style characters have been transformed into 3D realistic characters which is what we would prefer (see Talking Friends Image 2). The cartoon characters from Image 1 have been transformed into 3D semi realistic characters – this is ideally what we would like to achieve for Pugalugs however, the cartoon style would also be acceptable

Characteristics of Pugs

It is important that the characteristics of Pugs are brought out in the actual characters – they are in essence ugly but cute creatures with a multitude of facial expressions that can make you laugh or melt away in adoration.

Features of Pugs to consider:

1. Wrinkly face / forehead
2. Larger than life eyes
3. Floppy cheeks
4. Mouth that parts in the middle exposing lower lip
5. Looks like they have eyebrows painted on
6. Flat face

We have attached a number of photos which show the characteristics.


There are a number of children’s books on the market that feature Pugs, none of which have characters that are either cute or very appealing to children. They tend to be aimed more at Pug Owners than children. With the first book, we want to create some visually striking artwork that will make children and pug owners alike literally say “how cute” – the extent to which we can get this effect across will we believe make or break the success of the book. There may be an opportunity for the successful illustrator to be commissioned to illustrate the books.

Thank you for your efforts and Kind regards

Mark Parish
Pugalugs Limited

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    original work never wins.

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    Please find # 42 & 44.

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    please check #39 thank you

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    Dear All. We have decided to take a last minute vacation and so will be away from the office for 10 days. We have extended the contest by 7 days and will aim to make a decision on our return on 21st July. We will notify everyone individually. Many thanks for your submissions to date. Kind regards

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    Check #4
    ANY Modifications Contacty me - YOUR OPINION MATTERS

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