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My changed entry.

The video is at . I tried mimicking the oscar 80th anniversary as much as i could as you can see the other image. The problem is that the Oscars trophy doesn't have many curves like the Fish trophy you posted. Hope you like it. The film strip if increased size too long can intersect at the curves, that's why I tried to make it as big as possible.

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  • amigwilliams
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 10 yıl önce

    i love it! the edges are sharper than i had envisioned, sort of pointy instead of smoooooth, like the oscar one. but i do really like it, too. looks kind of abstract like a sketch. kind of 'edgy.' but, would you mind giving it another go, a little tighter and more horizontal? and i don't really like the little bump up where the reel starts coiling into the fish. can it just go horizontal, and then start spiraling down? and could you please make the text show in white in reverse within the film reel, in the beginning and in the end but removed from the top right corner? And in case you are concerned that you're not going to win this project, even if you don't i'll pay you because you're doing an amazing job! Thank you!

    • 10 yıl önce
    1. vviikkrraanntt
      • 10 yıl önce

      Sure, tomorrow by this time I'll post here, Thank you for your Feedback.

      • 10 yıl önce