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I am into retailing of seeds online. I want an high quality animation video to be made for explaining the growing instructions from the seeds to my customers in details. I will host this in my companies website. There is not time frame restriction. You can add voice for your chance of winning.

Growing Instructions are as follows:

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General Care Instructions

For every seed that we have provided basic instructions will be printed on the label of each packet. This hand out is to explain the process in detail.

Broadly there are two types of seeds

1. Seeds which need pre-stratification before sowing and

2. Seeds which don't need any pre-stratification i.e., they can be sown directly

If there is no stratification instruction on the label you can directly sow the seeds

If any stratification instruction is printed on the label then you need to stratify the seeds for the period (in weeks) mentioned on it, which is different to each variety.

Generally, these seeds will start germinating just after winter season in it natural environment. If you are sowing these in winter you do not to stratify. But, if you are not sowing them in winters, you will have follow the stratification process in order to germinate.

Stratification: Is a practice of stimulating the seed to germinate by artificially creating its natural conditions.

So How to Stratify?

1. Take normal soil or cocopeat of about half fist for every variety of seeds and clean it thoroughly with fresh water.

2. Then place the washed sand or cocopeat on a clean cotton cloth, so that all the excess water is absorbed by the cloth.

3. Before the material getting dried up completely (i.e, when it is moist - not too dry not too wet) take the seeds and mix well with this moist material.

4. Now, drop the whole mixture into the zip lock packet that we have provided and zip lock it firmly.

5. Now, place the packet in the milk packet tray which is just below the freezer in a refrigerator till the prescribed weeks.

6. After the prescribed period is over, take out the seeds out and sow them normally

Note: Seeds do not germinate while stratification.


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