Custom Urban Sports-Like Mascot/Logo VECTOR - Rugged

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  • Kazanan: ajvdw

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Many of you have entered in contests for one of my 2 startup companies, welcome back. For those of you who haven't, you have the advantage because the setup will be a bit different this time!

The only consistent thing with this contest is that once again, I need a VECTOR and ALL work MUST be custom (no clip art!). If you don't know what a vector is, please don't waste either of our times and if you can't handle create your design without using Clip Art, please stand against the wall with the non-vector guys/gals.

Usually, I'll give a really vague request like "Create what you see when you think of the words *insert words here*, as a black and white vector or something simple like that. This time the artists don't have such a loose leash, which will be bad for some, great for others.

Sooo, let's get onto the fun stuff:

The brand name is "Team Knapsack"
We need a FULL BODIED mascot (head to toe)
The target demographic is young, rugged and urban so we're thinking of an animal to represent this - with human-like characteristics
Said mascot should be carrying a knapsack over its shoulder (we're thinking a baseball bat with a bandanna bag at the wide end but the choice is ultimately yours)

Those are the guidelines, interpret them as you will! Again VECTOR ARTWORK ONLY and NO CLIP ART, failure to comply will result in automatic disqualification!

Edit: By "knapsack", I was referencing the urban not politically correct definition. (See attached photo)

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“Whenever I post a contest and a designer posts that they're entering, I do a thorough search of their profile to verify whether or not I see them being a fit for the project (I'm somewhat antsy). To be completely honest, even though ajvdw has an extremely impressive background, I wasn't sure he'd be able to pull off the edginess I was looking for (his portfolio only really shows friendly faces and beautiful backgrounds). The enjoyed the first few characters he came up with for the project, although I didn't give a description of the kind of personality I was looking for, so "it" wasn't QUITE there for me (I ALMOST enjoyed another users submission more). It DID however prove to me that he was up for the task and was more than capable of handling it, given the direction, SO even though I didn't choose a winner yet (wasn't even 100% sure he would be the winner at this point), I decided to hire him at his normal rate. After breaking down the background, personality and purpose behind my guys, he knocked it out of the park! Once I seen his Bull, I knew I had a winner. I will be purchasing the other 4 characters shortly as well! Thanks again AJ, even without going above and beyond with all of your work, the creativity alone is truly exceptional!”

Profil Görüntüsü theusualsuspectz, United States.

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  • YKNB
    • 2 yıl önce

    will work on it :)

    • 2 yıl önce
    1. theusualsuspectz
      Yarışma Sahibi
      • 2 yıl önce


      • 2 yıl önce
  • ajvdw
    • 2 yıl önce

    This sounds like a fun contest. I'm in!

    • 2 yıl önce
    1. theusualsuspectz
      Yarışma Sahibi
      • 2 yıl önce

      Looking forward to your entry! :D

      • 2 yıl önce

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