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Hi! I'm Javier, I'm very interested in your project, I'm really a fan of this type of game. I have designed a character and my proposal for the style is semi-realism, although pixel art would also look very good (Then I upload an update with a Pixel Art entry) That type of illustrations, as seen in the research image, has been used on the games you mentioned and makes them more eye-catching, I'm sure semi-realistic illustrations with a dystopian touch could fit the bill perfectly. If you have any problems, questions, or want me to make a correction, you can send me a message. I would also like to ask if, in the first capture, the one that shows the battle, it is necessary to design the icon of the units (Hud below) or the mobile units on the screen?

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  • igrastudios
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    • 12 ay önce

    Hi! I definitely like the portrait you've submitted and the style. For the battle, you could just draw, say, 1 unit on the battlefield and its icon - and clone those a few times, simply to get a feel how units looks in the game. or maybe 2 units (a tank and an infantry unit)

    • 12 ay önce