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Character Example #1

Good day :D , this is my example character design for the contest. This is origially conceptualized and digitally drawn by me and I reference the NOD's army in CNC3. If there are changes or additions just let me know and I'll do it asap :D , if you can't see it properly I can upload it also in google drive, thank you again and have a great day :D

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  • igrastudios
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 9 ay önce

    I like the art style though not sure it fits the space/sci-fi theme (?) After all, there are no human soldiers in the game whatsoever. All humans are essentially bureaucrats sitting in their living capsules and working through their Remote Employee Terminal :)

    • 9 ay önce
    1. aglennn
      • 9 ay önce

      Noted contest holder, I will recreate the units to fit with the said theme and will submit it asap :D, Thank you contest holder and have a great day :D

      • 9 ay önce