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Update 2

Hi! I turned our soldier into an android, although if you would like it to be different, (More like Terminator, for example) You can tell me and I will correct it, but I changed it this way because it was easier as I reused the old design. About units in battle, I have great ideas for vehicles and such. But would you like to know if this angle is right for you? or more from above, like angle 2. If you like it, I can do some fighting positions of the same unit, also, to finish, I made 3 pixel art versions, just to see if you like it. Don't worry, it's just an example. If in the end he decides to work with me, I will have no problem in making him the 8 sides of each unit, all their combat positions and movement.

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  • igrastudios
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 12 ay önce

    Hi! I like the non-pixelized version more. And yeah, maybe a more obviously "robotic" soldier could look more thematic. The current one is like futuristic android police and could be taken for a real human - unless the animations are robotic (?). View angle: I think 2 will be better. Because with 1 there likely to be overlaps of units - or you have to make them smaller. With overlaps, I'd have to check if clicks would be processed correctly (when the click is in the area of the overlap). Though my bigger concern is that overlaps could create visual clutter. Especially when there are various numbers and signs around the unit (right now in every one of the 4 corners there can be something: HP indicator, attack power, special ability, experience level, AI behavior)

    • 12 ay önce
    1. HRMV7
      • 12 ay önce

      Great, so let's make it less like a soldier, I'll correct that and send you the update. And about the overlays, in addition to adding angle 2, maybe we will come up with something later so that there is no visual clutter. I will be thinking of some solutions

      • 12 ay önce