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Hi! I made this android more like Terminator, I can change things if you want. And the troops, I did them with a view from above, remember Hotline Miami? I am sending you a picture, look at how the characters are made, this way we can save space and avoid overlap. And if you want us to use an angle (Excuse me that I did not make another example with the angle) Look at this idea, in Rad Dude, When clicking on a character, its statistics are displayed in another tab, it can be a good option to avoid collapse of information in one place. What do you think? do I still do the angle or do you like Hotline Miami style?

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  • igrastudios
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    • 12 ay önce

    Hi, I've checked Hotline Miami gameplay videos. That's too much "top-down" view for a strategy game. Some TBS games have done it like that (e.g. Templar Battleforce), and it didn't look good. So, a TBS needs some angle and a shade. Actually, the current placeholders from Dune 2 for infantry probably have the optimal angle (?). And yes, there are stat dialogs already: for the selected unit in the bottom left corner and for the unit under cursor to the right from it. Could you add some GUI sprites, just how you see the dialog backgrounds, the button etc so that I had a full picture of the battle view?

    • 12 ay önce
    1. HRMV7
      • 11 ay önce

      I understand, you are right. So let's reference the angle to dune 2. And GUI sprites and full view, perfect. I'll be working on it! :)

      • 11 ay önce