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here is my take on it. it will suit your indie game very well, and be very recognizable and brandable with that limited color palette. let me know what you think.

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  • eduardoegos
    • 10 ay önce

    thanks for the feedback, i see what you mean. i still think it could work, the terrain could be replaced for tiles and that could be many characters done in black and white to suit the style. unfortunately is too late for me to start on characters to show you how it would look. but i wish you luck with the game, i hope it is a huge success.

    • 10 ay önce
  • igrastudios
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 10 ay önce

    Hi! It's definitely an interesting style, and it's memorable. However, I'm just afraid that it won't work well for Steam audience - rather it would work for Flash games or maybe mobile. The game itself is narrative-heavy, with many characters, emails, and drama. The look you suggest would fit better with something online, where multiplayer is key, not narrative. And just from the technical side, the game is tile-based (square tiles). You have nice curvy lines to show terrain - that would have to be just 1 big picture, and the tiles won't be visible at all. I still could think how such gfx style could work with tiles but yeah, overall it's a mismatch with single-player, narrative-heavy type of game. Thx

    • 10 ay önce