Build the website for the first food animal welfare compensation platform:, simple but slick (without payment page)

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Professional, inviting webpage for people who come to our site centered around a food animal welfare compensation scheme.

Compensation/donations themselves happen on a separate page that you don't build.

Background: We, a small charity, build the world's first food animal welfare compensation scheme - the animal welfare equivalent to the well-known carbon/CO2 compensation schemes. People who care about the welfare of mistreated animals they're eating, e.g., in a kebab or restaurant, indicate on our platform what they ate, donating a corresponding fee. We'll take that money to 'offset' animal harm: using the money to sponsor third parties (esp. caterers) to improve the animal welfare in the sourcing of food they sell to independent other persons.

Requirements, high-level:
General website. Mobile-friendly.
Without payment/account functionality, as we build that ourselves on a separate payment page.

Requirements, detail:
-Graphical integration of our logo/colors to make a neat and beautiful site, highly user-friendly
The page must be designed in a way that makes it a triviality for us to maintain it in terms of:
- Changing page content w/o changing underlying structure
- Adding/removing pages
- Changing fonts & colors
- Adding/changing pictures/graphics
- Relocate page to a different URL w/o manually changing sub-domain links etc.
- If you use any proprietary software/IP for which we'll have to pay updating fees etc., you must highlight this along with your submissions
- Ideally, it supports multilingual.

-Linked symbols for all standard social media etc.
-Newsletter subscription
-Our Address

C. Sidebar:
-Must allow widgets.
-Sidebar widgets allow utilizing the same content for different pages, but option to vary content on different pages

General: All pages to feature menu, plus header or footer. If possible: landing page or all pages feature language selection (can be as simple as having the typical "en/de/fr" clickable letters for English, German, French
3 types of pages:
1. Landing (no sidebar)
-Some large-font text explanation, allowing to include links or even pictures
-Integrate the attached PNG "illustration_process_path_pic.png", as an example. We will use a similar style illustration of our work. Illustration of this:
2. Page without sidebar
-Text content, allowing also for links and pictures
3. Typical page, sidebar/widgets
-Text content, allowing also for links and pictures
-Sidebar, allowing widgets with text/links/pictures

Home: Landing page with placeholder for Visualization of our process (Type: Landing)
How it works -> Two subpages explaining parts of our processes (Type: Typical page, sidebar)
Why compensate -> Four subpages explaining: our thoughts about the project, Vision/Mission/Story (Type: Typical page, sidebar)
About -> Five subpages: Contact/newsletter subscription, Team, Terms, Privacy policy, Cookies (Type: Typical page, sidebar)
Participate -> Job announcements etc. (Type: Typical page, sidebar)

F. Illustration:
-General: For illustration of what the website contentwise roughly shall contain.
Note, we eventually want a more modern style though, with notably less text.
Missing are notably landing page with vizualization, and much more/better professionality/graphical elements/good style.
So, you should probably use a completely different style. Use the FOODOFFSET logo here attached, this should govern the style of the page also generally.
-Pictures: you hopefully have much better ideas, but few pictures (partly low quality) now attached: pic_... files.
-Landing page Just an example, esp. in terms of placeholder for a roughly full-screen size process-description graphics. Recall, don't worry about the picture itself, we'll eventually create that ourselves. Just provide the placeholder

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“Great to work with Ravi. Be specific about what you want and he'll find a way to deliver it. ”

Profil Görüntüsü Oxefa, United Kingdom.

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  • Codeitsmarts
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    can we discuss

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  • mainking86
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    Hello Sir,

    Please check Entry #8

    • 5 yıl önce
  • Oxefa
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 5 yıl önce

    Update: Please integrate in our page, as an example, the uploaded PNG "illustration_process_path_pic.png", on the landing page as an example. E.g. visible when one scrolls down on the page. An example (where we took the PNG just as an example): We'll eventually want to add such a graphics of our own process (you don't need to create the graphics yourself; just use the attached example).

    • 5 yıl önce
  • MikeAscendancy
    • 5 yıl önce

    Hello Contest Holder,
    Please make this project as guaranteed.

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