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We are seeking the design of a banner advert which can be used on various different sized banner adverts.

For the contest please only submit banner adverts of the size of 974 x 340. However, if you win the competition you will be required to create banner adverts of the size for using the same style as the first one:
1.728 X 90
2.160 X 600
3.300 X 600
4.300 X 250

These adverts must be the exact same style and have the same features of the original advert you submit. However, if the adverts cannot contain as much content such as text because of its size difference then it may consist of a smaller amount of content eg. Not having dot point text. We will provide further guidance at the time when we can see the completed version.

We are seeking to reach out to students between the ages of 18-24 and encourage them to click the advert to be linked to our site. At the same time we are also trying to build brand awareness, so its important to emphasize the logo. Our site offers students unbiased information about student accommodation halls and also allows students for the first time ever to be able to review their student accommodation halls.
*student accommodation halls is purposely built student accommodation in the UK.

The way to get the students attraction is to use a stunning picture of happy students. The way this normally works best is if the students look beautiful, happy and are female (or the majority of them are female). It is not essential but it can look beneficial if the students are different races, although always have one being white. The main image on this site is a good example of the kind of image of students we are seeking.

The next step is to add this text into the advert:

“Search now”
--------------------Student Halls Accommodation
“Review now”

Please ignore the -------- line as it is just their because it is to show how the "search now" and "review now" need to apply to the "student halls accommodation" text
Please have it so the part that says -student halls accommodation- is as shown applies to both of the text above and below it.
Because of the format of this brief it may be a bit confusing so I have attached an example.

This text must be the second thing the student sees straight after the picture of the students.
The words in brackets must stand out and be in the form of a button to click. They should probably be a friendly color to click.

The logo of the website must be added in the ad which would be the thing after the person has viewed the above text. The logo is attached in files. Remember we are trying to build brand awareness as well.

The next thing the person needs to see In a smaller font needs to be this text in dot point form:
• Dedicated Independent Advice
• 500+ Student Reviews
• Compare Uni and Private Halls

The font to be used is Arista, most preferably, as this is what the website is made in and the logo. However we are flexible and if you believe you have a better idea feel free to try it and we will consider everything.

The advert must look fun, eye catching, friendly, bright and colorful. The picture of the students should be rather large so it catches other students’ eyes.

Our website is The layout and colors do not have to match the advert and the website but please check it just to see other examples on the site and what style we are roughly looking for. Please feel free to be creative but just keep the essentials there such as the picture of the students and the text.

The color scheme is up to you and should most probably be light so that the image of the students stand out against it. You should probably decide the color scheme from what the colors are in the image of students.

I am available to answer any further questions.

Many thanks and best of luck!

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“Really great design work. Very fast and professional. I do recommend”

Profil Görüntüsü kcelse, United Kingdom.

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  • graphidesginer
    • 9 yıl önce

    Hi please extend this contest!!!

    • 9 yıl önce
  • kcelse
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 9 yıl önce


    • 9 yıl önce
  • madlabcreative
    • 9 yıl önce

    plz wait..working on mutiple samples for you..will submit before the deadline. Thanks!

    • 9 yıl önce
  • kcelse
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 9 yıl önce

    The images are looking good, but if there was to be anything lacking it would be some of them lack the eye catching affect, use some more colour and that may help. Also adding an emblem to the link buttons is a big plus. It also adds professionalism which is also important. Thanks to everyone

    • 9 yıl önce
  • kcelse
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 9 yıl önce

    A color that has been looking good so far is blue. It also makes it look a bit more professional which is a plus. Thanks for the submissions so far. Good luck

    • 9 yıl önce
  • kcelse
    Yarışma Sahibi
    • 9 yıl önce

    Hi, no just a normal image. thanks

    • 9 yıl önce
  • FHumkic
    • 9 yıl önce

    Do you want animated flash(.swf) banner?

    • 9 yıl önce

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