Design a Label for a new product with the same language of visual identity for Creatine Dietary supplement

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Please design a label


Product name: The product name should be visually aligned with other products in Bodyfarma's product line, using the same font and presentation style. The name should convey a sense of premium quality and sophistication.
Packaging: The packaging should follow the visual standard of Bodyfarma's product line, using the brand's metallic finish and gradient of colors. It's important that the packaging is practical and easy to use, in addition to having a modern and elegant design.
Labeling: The label should follow the same visual language as other products in Bodyfarma's product line, keeping the logo and colors present on the packaging. Smart pictograms can be used to highlight the benefits of the product, such as "vegan" or "gluten-free," for example. Information about ingredients, usage, and benefits should be clearly and legibly displayed.
Graphic design: The graphic design should be aligned with the visual style of Bodyfarma's product line, using fonts and colors that are complementary to other products in the brand. Illustrations and pictograms should be used intelligently, emphasizing the benefits of the product and highlighting the brand's premium quality.
Target audience: It's important that the graphic design is adapted to the target audience, which in this case is made up of professional or amateur athletes. The packaging and label should convey confidence and professionalism, as well as having a sophisticated and modern appearance.
Competition: When creating the packaging, label, and graphic design, it's important to consider the competition. The product should stand out from the competition and convey a clear message of premium quality. The design should be unique and differentiated, emphasizing the exclusive qualities of the product.


Name of company: Bodyfarma Nutrition
Name of Product: CREATINE
SUBTITLE: Micronized Creatine Monohydrate
LABEL SIZE OF CAN (330mmx140mm)
Metalic color font can be used in the design.
Sugestions color for background : ice
Don't use any image of person on the label.

No Flavor

Attlete Dietary suplement poeder
Powder 300g / 100 servings

Clean Label 100% Pure

Also to be featured on label

NO Glútem
NO Trans FAT

The winner needs to finish the pieces of information on the sides and give the final files in illustrator for text changes.

Nutrition Facts,
Barcode / qr code
how to use
*icons designs*

Bebas Neue Book (OTF)
Bebas Neue Regular (OTF)
Bebas Neue Bold (OTF)
Charter Bold (TrueType)
Lavanderia Sturdy (OTF)

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“I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations and appreciation to Mostaq A. for the exceptional design work he delivered for our company's project. Mostaq's creativity, professionalism, and ability to capture our brand's essence in a visually stunning design have exceeded our expectations. His dedication to incorporating our feedback and refining the design truly sets a new standard for excellence in our industry. Thank you, Mostaq, for elevating our brand to new heights and we look forward to future collaborations with you.”

Profil Görüntüsü emilebon, Brazil.

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