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A creative logo is needed for a software company called "CodeBrig". The ideal logo should encapsulate both aspects of the company name. A brig is a type of ship ( and code is, well, software code. The design of the logo should have something to do with a brig while also having a code/digital effect to it. Take care to notice the sail plan of the brig (a vessel with two square rigged masts) as "Brig" makes up half the company's name. Please make sure your design at least gives that consideration. The ship will not need to be drawn out with painstaking detail. The more creative and simple you can make the design the better.

While the other half of the name is "Code" we do not want to limit ourselves to purely textual-like designs. The logo of "CodeMau5" and "Mr.Code" are creative and conveniently convey that the companies at least somewhat relate to code but we do not want to limit designs to just those of that nature. Using only a combination of keyboard symbols limits creativity that using other equally "technological" designs can offer. The logo should just be recognizable as belonging to a technology or software company.

Attached are several different images (including the two logos mentioned above) that have been named after aspects we like in their designs. Any of those approaches are acceptable as well as others that would make sense.

I've also attached the logo for one of our products "Honcho" (filename honcho_outline_4_best.png). If you can match the artistic style of that logo we would definitely give it special consideration above all other criteria. It is much more important to us that our logos look related as we are building a brand identity. The design of your logo should follow a similar style to that logo so please don't limit yourself to purely textual logos. A futuristic looking tech brig following that style would look awesome. The colors should be the same (which I've listed below) as well as the style.

Finally, we have some completely optional ideas we thought would look cool:
- Make the "CodeBrig" text have a water effect to it so it looks like the ship is sailing on it
- Give it cannons so it looks like warship
- Give it vessel and/or sail damage (like rips, etc) because it's a beast of a warship

- Font created or free to use commercially
- .PSD or .AI (vector) deliverable

Preferred primary colors:
- #277b9a
- #223b44
- #182d34
- #e1483b

Preferred secondary colors:
- #fbb040
- #30b5e4
- white/black

Best of luck to all contestants!

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“Airijus is an excellent artist with incredible persistence. I\'m very thankful he entered my contest and I couldn\'t be happier with his work. Will definitely hire again soon!”

Profil Görüntüsü Mewzikal, United States.

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